Debt Collection Services

Collecting Your Accounts

Our focus is to establish contact with the debtor(s) and obtain an understanding as to why the account remains unpaid.  This is achieved through a number of options such as calling the debtor, sending a demand letter (a letter we send to debtors demanding payment be made within a specified timeframe), sending emails, issuing SMS messages and requesting return contact. 

Once a response is received we either demand immediate payment, negotiate a payment plan or when a dispute is raised, we seek a written explanation and forward it to you for comment.  If only part of the debt is disputed, we continue to negotiate payment of undisputed amount.

Referring Your Accounts

We can act on debts greater than $500 (AUD) and less than two years old.

KPR connect is our online service where you can lodge your accounts with us.  We can also facilitate automated bulk uploads of debts and set debts up in-house.  Read more about this under the online collections section. 

Our Debt Collection Services Cost

We do handle one-off debts and our collection fees are strutured based on the size of the debt, and the volume of work you give us.  Call us now for a quote or complete the enquiry form providing us with details of your debt.

Two Options:

1. Our Sliding Scale Package - Commission scale (based on the total debt)

Debt Amount Commission
  $500 - $20,000   20% of the debt value
  $20,001 - $50,000   15% of the debt value
  $50,001 - $100,000   12% of the debt value
  $100,001 or greater   10% of the debt value

* Debts aged over 365 days incur an additional 10% of the debt value

2. DIY Online Demand Letter Packages

For debts below $1000 Kemps Petersons Receivables offers unique DIY online demand letters on Kemps Petersons Receivables letter head.  Individual DIY Demand letters can be purchased at $70 per letter upon expiration of the below packages.

Package Price Package Includes
  $500 annually   10 DIY Demand Letters
  $750 annually   20 DIY Demand Letters
  $1000 annually

  30 DIY Demand Letters

* All pricing and commissions are exclusive of GST.

All pricing schedules are indicative only and subject to a qualification process

Call us now and speak to our qualified and friendly team or complete the enquiry form providing us with details of your debt and we will provide you with pricing specific to your collections needs.









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