Frequently Asked Questions for Clients & Debtors


Q. What kind of debt does Kemps Petersons Receivables collect?

A. We collect commercial invoices for business to business transactions and strata levy debt for clients throughout Australia.  We work with large Corporate companies as well as small and medium businesses.  Debt size varies from a few hundred dollars with no upper limit.  Our team members are ready to discuss with you in more detail how we can help you. 


Q. How do I arrange for Kemps Petersons Receivables to collect debts?

A. You need to open an account with us, so that we can act on your behalf.  You can do this by calling our office to get things started.


Q. Does Kemps Petersons Receivables keep me informed of the status of the debts?

A. Yes, you will have a dedicated account manager who will keep you regularly informed.  If you have opted for our online service then you can access file notes on your debts 24hrs, 7 days a week.


Q. What hapens if you can't find the debtor or they have moved?

A. Kemps Petersons Receivables has its own in house Skip Tracing team which uses various means to locate debtors.  If the debtor is located then debt recovery action continues.


Q. Why should I use a debt collection agency instead of a Solicitor?

A. A debt collection agency's primary function is to collect debt.  We perform this all day, every day, whereas many solicitors perform the role only on an adhoc basis.  Mercantile agency's are experts in debt collection and are structured to provide the services efficiently and cost-effectively. 


Q. Do you have sign up fees?

A. No - at Kemps Petersons Receivables our customers only pay for what they use.



Q. How can I pay my account?

A. There are a number of options to choose from including credit card, EFT and cheque.  If you wish to make a credit card payment facility click on the 'Make a Payment' button above.

To clarify the best option for you please call us.


Q. Why do you need all my contact details?

A. We need to be able to correctly identify you and establish that the account belongs to you.  If your contact details are up to date we minimise any risk of you not receiving critical information about the account.


Q. Will this account being referred to collections affect my credit history?

A. It depends:

  • If it's within your creditors credit policy to list a default and they have done so; or
  • If a judgment has been entered against you 


Q. I can't pay my debt in full.  Can I pay by instalments?

A. Our clients preference is that all accounts are paid in full however there are situations that debtors face that may make this approach inappropriate.  If you can't pay in full then we need to confirm your financial situation and how you are proposing to pay the outstanding account, this needs to be submitted in writing for our client to consider.





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