Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions will become applicable once you have returned your signed Service Level Agreement ("SLA") to a KPR representative.  The SLA will be provided with a schedule of costs that will be applicable.

1. The Subscriber agrees to employ Kemps Petersons Receivables (hereinafter referred to as KPR) from the date hereof and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned herein. KPR will use best practices in an attempt to collect the outstanding debts of the Subscriber and other related services as requested.  Agency commissions and charges have been outlined and agreed upon.  Court fees are as per state court fee schedules and are subject to change without notice.

2. The Subscriber is to notify KPR of any changes to its registered details of trading style.

3. KPR will charge the subscriber the agreed commission on:

  1. Payments received (whether by the Subscriber, KPR or it’s legal service provider) from or on behalf of the Debtor
  2. The value involved, if a credit is passed, goods returned, or the account is settled by way of contra
  3. The value of the debt, if the account is withdrawn from the agency after 48 hours of being referred (the agreed commission rate will revert to a flat $250.00 fee or 5% of the value of the debt, whichever is the lesser)

4. KPR is bound by, and complies with, the Privacy Act 1988, including the National Privacy Principles.  KPR may store personal information in hardcopy or electronically for the collections of debts and/or related services.  All information will be securely stored and KPR will disclose personal information to third parties only as the Privacy Act permits and where there is a valid reason to do so.  Other functions and activities may include our internal administrative, product or service development, planning and research requirements.

5. The Subscriber authorises and appoints KPR’s nominated legal representative, subject to written notice to the contrary, to engage its Solicitors to undertake legal action on behalf of the Subscriber for the recovery of monies owed. The Subscriber agrees to pay all legal and pre-legal costs as they are due on a month by month basis.  The subscriber agrees that all accounts rendered by KPR will be paid on the basis of seven (7) days. KPR will deduct outstanding charges and commissions owed by the Subscriber from monies collected and held in trust. Should any account remain outstanding KPR reserves the right to charge late payment interest equal to 15% per annum for the period the account remains in default.

6. KPR will not engage in any conduct that is misleading or deceptive or inconsistent with its obligations under this agreement and with all directions given by the client.  KPR will comply with all laws, regulations & codes of conduct including the Consumer Credit Code, Privacy Act and provisions of licensing relevant to the commercial agents licensing as per each state’s legislation.



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